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Equity Rise and the team believes in giving back to a community in need and supporting a cause in the efforts to help people in challenging situations improve their lives.

Why Corporate Philanthropy is Important to us?

It's easy for any business to get caught up in the numbers. After all, it's the quarterly or annual stats that keep companies running. When organisations add a few more critical objectives to the strategy, such as care, compassion, and community, it's very special. ​

Great leaders see the importance of businesses doing their part to make the world a better place while still making a profit and meeting other business goals. Apart from this Equity Rise is committed to making a difference in the world, not only by creating wealth for our investors, but also focusing on giving back and supporting a community in need.

How do we help?

We are committed to help an organization that is in desperate need of support. We as a business are setting aside a percentage of our annual turnover to do good and make a meaningful difference in the lives of people.

We have a big goal of building a school, educating children and creating a safe environment to learn to that they have the best part to start their lives and uplift their own community in the same process. We are starting small by forming a partnership with Safe Place Mission and Tim Stitt an expat Australian living in the area. Nick Hagen and the Equity Rise team are working in the background planning the next steps forward how to make this journey start in 2022.

Who is Safe Place Mission.

Safe Place Mission is a NGO (non-governmental organization) that cooperates with families who live in a risky situation in order to provide safety, education and a better future for their children so they can lead a change in Cambodia.

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country which suffers from a huge social disruption due to its past. Even though the government is acting against child abuse, children become victims everyday; moreover, many of them don’t receive love, education and decent food.

Safe Place is a home for vulnerable children. 

Orphans and children rescued from the violent, abusive dangerous situations and being trafficked into the sex trade. These children are faced with traumatic pasts, and presents which is beyond comprehension.


Safe Place Mission provides a safe, secure home to protect them. Provide them with education, food and a loving environment. All without the help their local Government.

They stand alone, and are funded by individual donations from around the world and this is where Equity Rise is taking the  initiative to help

Why Safe Place Mission?

We have partnered up with Tim Stitt from Safe Place Mission.  Tim is a expat Australian that left his corporate life and Australia with purpose to help people in Cambodia needing help. He has experience in running and building schools. Building homes for the homeless, nourish the hungry and educate women and children through scholarships.

With Tim's knowledge, daily involvement in Safe Place Mission. The team from Equity Rise are partnering up with them to actively help make a difference in a community, and their country.


Safe Place Mission.

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