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About Us

Equity Rise is a business founded on performance, personal trust and our clients drive to scale their own property portfolio. Using some of Australia’s leading property investment experts, Equity Rise will help create the right wealth-creation strategy for you – by building wealth passively through equity, rental income and tax efficiencies. 


This wealth-creation solution starts with you. Our internationally qualified Neuro-Semantic Coach and Property Strategist will work with you to tailor a step-by-step plan that taking into consideration your current position, and your desired outcome for the future. Our team will then go about helping you build your property portfolio over the coming years. 


The next step is to look at ground-market research to understand patterns and trends across Australia’s capital cities. This involves working with our Property Economist, who will help you navigate through data and information to create a diverse and hard-working portfolio.  


The final step is to work with one of our Equity Rise Acquisition Specialists, dependent upon on which capital city you are targeting. They will guide you through due diligence processes on high-performing investment properties.  


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Our Services

Stage 1
Property Strategist and Coaches:

Our Property Strategist and Coaches, Nick Hagen, and Emilia Zambri, acknowledge that wealth creation is an inside game. They work with you to analyse and define the investment and personal growth strategy to help you create an investment property portfolio using passive equity, income and tax efficiencies.  


Our Strategists and Coaches are professional property investors with a growing investment portfolio of their own. In addition, Emilia has a background in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Nick has a background in Neuro-Semantics. Nick in particular owns properties across Australia and is an internationally renowned Neuro-Semantic Coach.


At Equity Rise, we have analysed the strategies adopted by successful individuals, applied them to ourselves and, in turn, offer the same strategies to our clients.

Stage 2
Independent Property Economist:

Once our Property Strategist and Coaches have worked with you to identify your investment strategy and objectives, they then work with Equity Rise’s independent Property Economist.


Our Economist is one of the leading property researchers and investment consultants within Australia and other leading global institutions. Both macro and micro research guides the Equity Rise property selection process, targeting the principles of supply and demand to invest within the medium- to long-term.


This is done by evaluating the supply, population growth, current and future infrastructure, employment and rental factors in both a national and suburb context. In addition, our Economist’s educational articles and presentations support our clients to make informed decisions when operating in the Australian market and beyond.


Stage 3
Access to Acquisitions Specialist

This market research then informs Michael Wilkins’ due-diligence processes, which aim to minimise our client’s risk and maximise their returns. Michael is our national Acquisition Specialist, who works closely with developers across all states.


Michael’s property acquisition process is based on 20 years’ of experience in the property industry and helps find the most suitable property for our clients. Michael’s due diligence processes take a critical assessment and evaluation of the developer’s product specifications and past project performance. 


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