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NLP & Neuro-Semantic Strategist

Personalised Strategy

Equity Rise supports you through an ongoing mentorship program with your property strategist. Take your investment journey further by booking your personalised assessment and strategy session.

At Equity Rise, we offer a free 30-minute one-on-one strategy session designed to assess where you are at and help you identify a strategy to achieve your goals – whether you are a beginner investor, first home buyer, or established investor.


What is NLP and why is it important?

Neuro-linguistic programming studies the ways your thoughts affect your behaviour. It looks at the ways your brain interpret the signals it receives and how these interpretations affect what you do. By examining how your brains process information, NLP techniques can help you look at our thoughts, feelings and emotions as things that you can control, rather than things that happen to you.

NLP at its core sums up how you can change the way you think, feel and behave by changing your focus. Because NLP techniques focus on making behavioral changes, they can be used for a variety of different goals. Neuro-linguistic programming can benefit those who are interested in personal growth. Its action-oriented nature and focus on growth means that neuro-linguistic programming and coaching goes hand in hand. That's why so many coaches use NLP techniques to help clients reprogram their brains in order to achieve their goals. 

Experienced Strategist

Sit face-to-face with an experienced investment strategist who can answer all your property questions.

Long Term Strategy

We will build a team of industry specialist around you. In addition to developing a long-term strategy towards your desired outcome.

Clear Goal

Walk away from the meeting with a clear goal, and a strategy to achieve it.

Current Situation

Go over your current situation and see if there are ways to finance an investment property.

Potential Investments

Review quality investment properties available that meet your criteria and goals.

At your convenience

You can schedule a video call with us at a time this suits you.

What’s included in the one-on-one strategy session?

Booking Schedule


Book your 1-on1 Strategy Session with Equity Rise

"The team helps you through every step of the process when buying a property"

Simone Woods

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