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Discover your Psycho-Logics.

Blog Image | Discover your Psycho-Logics
Blog Image | Discover your Psycho-Logics

What do we mean Psycho-Logics?

In human psychology, “as you think, so you are.” Your “thinking” not only constructs mental maps that you use to navigate the outside world— you construct maps about how to think in the inside world. You have created your own unique psychology, that is, psycho-logics. As you are not strictly logical, that usually means you have bugs in your thinking programs.

Psycho-Logics: you are psycho-logical in the way you think and reason. Your thinking creates your patterns of thinking. How you reason (logic) comes from who you are as a person (psyche).

Your internal processing constructs your theory of mind (how you think), you then use that mind theory to think your next thoughts. This began when you were a child which is why much of your psycho-logics entail childish thinking patterns (the cognitive distortions).

You are logical (rational) internally according to the psycho-logics (your way of reasoning) that you have set up. An assumption that undermines critical thinking is that people are rational, reasonable, and logical. Even worse is assuming that you are rational, reasonable, and logical and others are not. If you think that how you are thinking is how all rational people think, you are assuming a lot! Actually, all experience goes against it! If we all agreed on what is rational — logical and reasonable — we would all be pretty much of the same opinion, point of view, and values about things. But we are not.

In essence, logic draws on or is informed by psychological observations and judgments.

Dr. Michael L. Hall, NLP Cognitive Psychologist &
Nicolas Hagen, B.Soc Sci (Psych), Licensed NLP Meta-Coach.
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