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Money is Not Wealth. The Neuro-Semantic Structure of Money.

Blog Image | MONEY IS NOT WEALTH. The Neuro-Semantic Structure of Money.
Blog Image | MONEY IS NOT WEALTH. The Neuro-Semantic Structure of Money.

The Neuro-Semantic Structure of Money, trust an expert's opinion.

“Money” is not real; it is not externally real. Money does not exist “out there.” What does? Paper and coins, credit cards and checks — these are the external things. But “money” does not, money as such is not a real entity or phenomenon out there. What then is money?

Money is our a shared reality, it is a way of thinking and feeling about the exchange of value and energy. Money is a meta-term, a meaning that involves our semantics and emotions—this leads us to explore the Neuro-Semantics of money.

Primary level: Paper, notes, checks, coins, credit cards, and all of the various things that we use to encode and symbolize value.

Meta-levels: “Money” is a medium of exchange that offers a way to measure and track the life energy we invest in activities. “Money is something we choose to trade our life energy for.” (Dominguez, p. 54) “Money” refers to anything we value and invest our life energies into things which align with what we care about. Am I experiencing fulfillment, satisfaction and value in proportion to the life energy that I invest?

Money is a shared cultural reality. It involves our ideas and beliefs about exchange, how we have framed exchange and the emotions we attach. If money is not real, then it’s a myth that “There’s only so much to go around.” We can invent more money, more value, more wealth.

What counts as “money” depends on the rules and shared reality of any given culture.

Money arises from our investment of time, energy, mind, knowledge, care, emotion, etc. that we make tangible in products and services that we then sell or exchange.

Reflecting back, before we can create wealth for ourselves we need to change our perception of money. This is something I had to do when starting our in property investing. Once I managed to break my original definition of it and framed it into being easily accesable with abundance. This opened my mind to

Dr. Michael L. Hall, NLP Cognitive Psychologist &
Nicolas Hagen, B.Soc Sci (Psych), Licensed NLP Meta-Coach.
Equity Rise (pty) Ltd | Property Coaching

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