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The Neuro-Semantic Approach to Wealth Creation.

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Blog Image | The Neuro-Semantic Approach to Wealth Creation.
Blog Image | The Neuro-Semantic Approach to Wealth Creation.

What is the Neuro-semantic approach to wealth?

Neuro-Semantics, as the embodiment of meanings, integrates meaning and performance. First, you will set the critical meanings (frames) about wealth, work, money, economics, business, etc. to set up the Inner Game so that you think like a millionaire. Along the way, you release lots of ideas and beliefs (meanings) that don’t support Wealth Creation. Then you will begin to embody those meanings in your everyday activities so that you can perform the Outer Game of Wealth Creation and act like a millionaire.

To Master your Wealth Matrix and create Inside-Out Wealth you will need to follow the below steps:

  • Set your intention to create wealth, develop an effective plan, and follow your plan to actualize your unique wealth creation plan;

  • Develop the mental-and-emotional frames for abundance, prosperity, creativity, and wealth;

  • Shift from working for money to letting money and material affluence work for you;

  • Recognize the structure of wealth and wealth creation;

  • Build rich states and meta-states for creating inside-out wealth;

  • Eliminate wealth sabotages: impulsive spending, fear of risk, dread of work, etc;

  • Decide how you will add value to make a difference to others;

  • Set the belief and principle frames for wealth to emerge as an inside-out process in your actions;

  • Become a Wealth Creator and let that identify change how you think, speak, and behave;

  • Find your singularity that will give you focus and flow. Or passion, profit & potential;

  • Learn to see and seize the right opportunities for your financial independence;

  • Enrich your wealth pathway with courage, persistence, resilience, efficiency, and mental positioning;

  • Unleash your potentials for wealth creation;

  • Live with integrity as you create your business as you work with and through others;

  • Develop financial intelligence about money, income, budgets, saving, investing, selling, etc;

  • Create rich partnerships with people on your pathway to wealth; &

  • Importantly understand your capacity to drive a high work ethic.

Dr. Michael L. Hall, NLP Cognitive Psychologist &
Nicolas Hagen, B.Soc Sci (Psych), Licensed NLP Meta-Coach.
Equity Rise (pty) Ltd | Property Coaching

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