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What’s the Problem? Inside & Out Wealth Creation.

Updated: Feb 9, 2022


So What’s the Problem?

Why do many people suffer financial stress and scarcity in a world of opportunities?

Why is the world filled with talented, intelligent, and gifted poor people?

How can we stop working for money and get money to work for us?

If we live in a world of plenteous opportunities and knowledge about wealth, then why do so few create for themselves a lifestyle of financial stability or even independence and wealthy state of mind?

If the opportunity is there, what explains the lack of financial stability and independence, the stress over finances, the everyday struggle to make ends meet?

Could it be …

  • You are not internally organized in mind-and-emotions for wealth creation?

  • You lack the proper frames of mind for wealth creation?

  • You lack the executive frames of beliefs, values, identity, decisions, intentions, etc. that empower and commission you to become wealthy?

  • You are confused and conflicted about wealth itself?

  • You don’t have a wealth definition that is ecological and enriching?

  • Your Matrix is not organized so that you can play the game of wealth creation?

The fact is – smart people make big mistakes about money.

They either sell their souls for it, let money define who they are and “the good life,” or they have a mistaken map about it, a map that doesn’t guide them as they navigate work, career, speaking, etc. Without having an accurate and workable map for creating wealth, we will join the ranks of the talented, intelligent, and gifted poor people of the world.

Checklist of Wealth Problems:

  • Ignorant about how to create wealth— the processes, mechanisms.

  • Ignorance about how money is made in a capitalism system: Supply and demand, value supply chain, etc.

  • Impatience about wealth creation, suffering from the “get rich quick” disease.

  • Undisciplined: about work, work ethic, budgeting, scheduling, follow-through, etc.

  • No plan for wealth creation.

  • Have a getting mentality, rather than giving.

  • Lack of a focus on what to do to create, give value to others.

  • Unaware of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.

  • Lack the emotional maturity, emotional intelligence for self-control.

  • Lack of impulse control, impulsive spending.

The first stage in Wealth Creation starts with setting up the Wealth Foundations to include:

  1. Cognitive intelligence – Thinking

  2. Emotional intelligence – Mind to emotion and the interaction

  3. Intra-personal relationships – Communication as a meaning maker

  4. Health – Physical shape

  5. Wealth – Savings, equity or shareholdings.

Dr. Michael L. Hall, NLP Cognitive Psychologist &
Nicolas Hagen, B.Soc Sci (Psych), Licensed NLP Meta-Coach.
Equity Rise (pty) Ltd | Property Coaching

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