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Where am I in the stages of wealth creation?

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Blog Image | Where am I in the stages of wealth creation?
Blog Image | Where am I in the stages of wealth creation?

Where am I and how do I take the next step?

Stage 1: Preparing for Wealth
  • Set your Vision – Intention and Meaning Matrices Identify your powers for creating wealth;

  • Power Matrix Recognize the time frame— where you are in the stages Preparation with finances: planning, budget, increasing income, saving to build capital.

  • Establishing beliefs, decisions, and principles for wealth creation.

Meaningful Performances:

  1. Planning.

  2. Start with your job (or get one): develop and use.

  3. Budgeting.

  4. Saving.

  5. Frugality: joyfully appreciate all that you have.

  6. Self-investment in your learning, creativity, self-actualization.

  7. If in debt, get out of debt!

Stage 2: Discovery of your Singularity
  1. Self Matrix: Talent search – self-investment: learning, mentoring (SWOT analysis) Identifying and developing a singularity of your passion, potential, and profit.

  2. Potential: What can you do, contribute? What value can you add?

  3. Passion: What do you care about? Believe in? Enjoy?

  4. Profit: What real-world job will enable you to live your passion?

Learn — persist —be resilient.

Discover ways to increase your income.

Decision and commitment to your singularity.

Meaningful Performances:

  1. Increase income

  2. Engage in a talent search to discover your singularity

  3. Make a decision and commitment about the direction

  4. Establish your Self as a Wealth Creator

  5. Access the right states

Stage 3: Collaborations — Working with Others

Others Matrix: Developing relationships. Realize wealth is created with and through others. Wealth is a collaborative phenomenon Self-Identity as a Wealth Creator

Meaningful Performances:

  1. Develop your integrity to your vision.

  2. Find and live your principles.

  3. Enjoy adding value in your area of competence.

  4. Coordinate, cooperate, and collaborate; build your team.

Stage 4: Business Launch

World Matrix (of Business and your Industry) and Setting up a business to facilitate Continuous learning

Meaningful Performances:

  1. Create your business plan: strategy and steps.

  2. Find your business partners with whom to collaborate.

  3. Take smart risks: Risk Management.

  4. Become an entrepreneur through seeing and seizing opportunities.

  5. Others Matrix: Develop your Team.

  6. Branding / Marketing / Selling / USP (unique selling point)

  7. Meta-Detailing your Business Expertise.

  8. Integrity (living your principles).

Stage 5: Business Development

World Matrix: Systematizing your Business

Grooming colleagues and leaders: your supply line, colleagues

FI: Financial Intelligence, taxes, multiple sources of income.

Risk Taking: courage, resilience, patience

Meaningful Performances:

  1. Specify your supply line.

  2. Expand business and colleagues.

  3. Continue to develop your financial intelligence (taxes).

  4. Develop multiple sources of income.

  5. Persist patiently and you stay the course.

Stage 6: Investment

World Matrix (of Investment)

How to make investment meaningful, ethical, and a peak experience.

Meaningful Performances:

  1. Identify investments: Where and how to invest for a good return on investment

  2. Access courage and resilience for investing

Stage 7: Exit Strategy

World Matrix (of Exiting, Leaving a Legacy)

Meaningful Performances:

  1. Develop a plan for exiting the business

  2. Create a legacy with your money and investments

Dr. Michael L. Hall, NLP Cognitive Psychologist &
Nicolas Hagen, B.Soc Sci (Psych), Licensed NLP Meta-Coach.
Equity Rise (pty) Ltd | Property Coaching

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